Speak out

I’m not going to try to explain why most Christians believe in justifiable violence; and I do believe the vast majority of people claiming to not only be Christian but serious Christian believe some circumstances justify revengeful harm to others.  I have a limited idea as to how this idea eventually came about; however simply put over time the church has aloud society or culture to dictate the church’s belief.  My belief and principles are based solely on the teachings of God, through Jesus.  Not only does God teach us today that violence is wrong in any situation by an individual; it is the main principle of God and therefore Christianity.  The struggle for most to come to this agreement will be very difficult, do to the strong hold of their tradition, society, and their identification as a small minority.  My hope is that all will with an open mind study and meditate on God’s Word before making judgment or conclusions.  Just like me, I believe most Christians have never fully studied this topic.  I want to put forth the Word and let it speak for it’s self.  If individuals disagree then that is normal for just about anything in life.  People will believe what they want, it’s not my job to explain why they don’t believe the truth.  My purpose along with all Christians is to simply proclaim the truth as effectively and lovingly as we can.  It’s up to each of us individually to believe what we will.