Why do you believe what you believe?

Can you answer the question posed in the title?  When it comes to the foundation of your life do you have one?  If so, what are the principles that you base your life upon and can you: explain, backup, prove, answer the reason for your belief in those principles?
What I’m getting at is simply: As a Christian do you know why you believe what you believe?  Is it: “that’s what I’ve always believed”, “that’s what I was taught”, “that’s what everyone else believes”, “that’s what I think the truth is”, “that’s what the preacher says”, “that’s what the leaders of my church say”.  Or is your answer because God explained it this way and I can show you what He has said with reason.
It is imperative to have an answer for the beliefs that we hold.  If not, then we may be holding on to thin air; beliefs based upon nothing.  So simple yet so important: we must understand why we believe what we believe and the reasoning for our beliefs be based solely and completely on God’s Word. 
Just as we physically, mentally, emotionally mature; we also should be spiritually maturing.  If we are not; then we are unhealthy, stunted, immature beings.  Maturing spiritually calls us to a better understanding of our beliefs.  This requires sincere study and meditation of God’s Word.  We think of God’s Word as The Bible which it is however; more profound and significant an explanation of God’s Word is: JESUS.  I will leave that for another post.
Let us be aware of why we believe what we do otherwise; we might as well be like chickens with our heads cut off flopping around meaninglessly.

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