Peaceful Lives

Sometimes do we justify our actions based upon the actions of others?  For example will we find ourselves more easily giving in to temptation because someone, whether close to us or not, is not living up to their potential as a Christian.  Do we judge ourselves based upon the lives of others?  The answer is definitely yes, it seems to be natural for us.  The reality as a Christian is we can not judge ourselves based upon the lives of others why; because this is not how God judges us.
The moments that make some of the biggest impressions on me are when I see someone acting or reacting in an unexpected way.  When the natural thing to do is loose temper, talk back, get angry, become frustrated, or allow someone to negatively affect our demeanor or attitude; and I see someone not reacting this way it opens my eyes to the truth of what real contentment is.  No matter the life around us, the people, the situations we face; true peace is exhibited in those tough situations that would naturally cause us to respond negatively.  This is the constant battle between ourselves and spirituality.  The importance and value of our life is our spiritual foundation, not our self preservation.  Contentment is more valuable that gold.  

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