Basic Christianity


God is real, he is the creator of us.  He’s given us a set of principles to live by.  These principles are for our benefit.  When we fail to live by these principles we sin.  We are worthy of punishment just as if we were to break our civil law like stealing.  Jesus took the punishment for us when He died 2000 years ago.  When we accept Jesus as our Savior and the Son of God and strive to make His principles the most important thing in our life then we don’t have to be punished, we are justified in God’s eyes. To be a Christian is to live by the principles of Jesus.  His words and actions.  We don’t have the liberty to pick and choose what principles to follow.  We are bound to complete dedication to Jesus.  It’s too easy to let society dictate how we live and this can be seen all the time with Christians when they choose not to follow some of Jesus’ principles.  One such principle is serving others and putting them first even when they don’t deserve it.  This is very difficult because it will at times cause us to put ourselves and our interests second.  This is a principle that many Christians don’t follow. To many times in our society we hear about “our right” to something, and the principle to be true to oneself.  A serious study of Jesus shows that what He taught is in all aspects of our life we look for opportunities to serve others, no matter who they are or their circumstance.


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